Section(18): Website Hosting Uptime

By using out Service(s), you agree to the following website hosting uptime terms and conditions.

Vincify uses third party web hosting services to host all our clients websites. This may include VPS and Shared Hosting Services.

While we rarely see server issues that result in downtime, we admit that short lapses in service can happen. Our third party web hosting services maintains a 99% uptime.

Occasional planned server/network maintenance may be necessary. In all but the most urgent cases, we will attempt to send out an email notifying customers of maintenance that is to be performed in a timely manner. Scheduled outages are not included in our third party's 99% uptime.

The 99% uptime site availability does not include downtime that is out of our third party web hosting's control, including but not limited to: upstream network outages, Internet backbone congestion, outages caused by acts of god, and facility power failures. Account must also be in good standing & not in violation of our Account Terms & Our Policy.

While we realize that it is an inconvenience when our third party hosting server experiences downtime, Vincify cannot and will not be liable for any loss or damage from our third party hosting server's downtime.