Section(7): Vincify Themes

  1. You may establish the appearance of your Vincify website with a Theme from Vincify’s Theme. Once you submit a Theme of your choice to to build your website, you will no longer be able to change it to a different theme unless you purcahse the other theme of your choice from Vincify - You are licensed to use one Theme for a single website only.
  2. You are free to transfer a Theme to a second one of your own website if you close your first website. You are not permitted to transfer or sell a Theme to any other person’s website on Vincify or elsewhere. Multiple stores/websites require multiple Theme submissions to, paying the price each time. Vincify gives no assurance that a particular Theme will remain available for additional submissions.
  3. You may modify the Vincify Theme to suit your website style. Vincify may add or modify the footer that refers to Vincify at its discretion. Vincify may modify the Theme where it contains, in our sole discretion, an element that may be unlawful, offensive, threatening, defamatory, pornographic, obscene, or otherwise objectionable, or that violates any person’s intellectual property, even if you received the Theme in that condition. Vincify may modify the Theme to reflect technical changes and updates as required.
  4. The intellectual property rights of the Theme remain the property of the Vincify. If you exceed the rights granted by your purchase of a Theme, Vincify may take legal action against you, and Vincify may take administrative action such as modifying your website/store or closing your website.
  5. If you hire a third party to design your website on then the technical support for a Theme is the responsibility of the designer, and Vincify accepts no responsibility to provide such support. Vincify may be able to help you contact the designer and may modify the Theme to reflect technical changes and updates as required.
  6. It is the responsibility of the user, and not Vincify, to ensure that uploading content, scripts or any other installation of a new application does not overwrite or damage the current or preexisting theme, or UI, of the user.

You can purchase our Themes to use for one website at a time. Feel free to modify our Theme, but respect that Vincify own the Themes, so don’t infringe on our rights. For Theme-related problems, contact the third party designer that you have hired or Vincify. Note that Themes may disappear over time and are subject to change.